Consulting Fees

As an independent door hardware consultant, Studio 08 provides convenient client friendly fee structures:

Lump Sum Fee

In this method, the client would send a floor plan and a door schedule for the preparation of a lump-sum fee for the project.  The fee would be separated by Construction Documents, Construction Administration, and approved Punch List.  Function and tasks with associated fees to be performed are outlined.  The architect/owner can choose which functions they want Studio 08 to perform.  Documentation of the hours and work performed plus copies of expense would be included in invoices.

Hourly Fee Plus Expenses

Studio 08 works on projects on an hourly fee plus approved expenses.  Invoices would indicate the work performed, project name and number, and hours worked.


Studio 08 and Architect/Owner agree on a monthly retainer to perform specified functions and services.  The retainer would be billed monthly with the work performed and projects listed.


Clients are invoiced monthly including documentation of hours, service performed, project name and number.  Terms are “Net 10th Prox.”