Specification Consulting

Doors, Hardware, and Security System Design

As requested by the architect/owner/engineer, Studio 08 will research door and hardware manufacturers and security systems, and prepare a report on products that are appropriate to the specific project application.

Coordinating Hardware and Security Systems Architect/Owner Meetings

Under the direction of a client, we facilitate door, door hardware, and security system meetings to determine the specific function requirements of a project.  These meetings utilize door schedules and floor plans as prepared by the client. This information may be incorporated into the project specification documents.

Door Hardware, Doors and Electronic Access Control Specifications

As the lead consultant on Division 8 specification documents for a project, Studio 08 prepares hardware sets, marks up door schedules, and edits the specification preamble for the architect’s documents to be published.  In addition, we coordinate other Division 8 products:  i.e., doors, wood, metal, aluminum, all-glass, etc.  Electronic Access Control specifications including Card Access and  Video Interfaces can be prepared and/or coordinated for a Division 28 Specification.

Project Submittal Reviews

After the project is awarded, Studio 08 is available to review submittals on doors and door hardware, and Electronic Access Control systems to verify that the information submitted conforms to the specification documents.  A memo is prepared and documents are red-lined to support the architect/client.

Catalog Cuts & Samples

As the lead consultant on doors, door hardware and security systems, Studio 08 confirms the specified products by preparing catalog cuts in .pdf format for the architect’s and owner’s review and confirmation.  Samples (expensed item) can be provided on request.

Project Construction Administration

As a turn-key consultant on doors, door hardware and security systems, we can provide Construction Administration Services.  These services could include project punch list, verification of change order requirements, responses to RFI’s, and other Construction Administration tasks as requested by the architect/owner client.